have the following question: Is it worth the trouble to rename all those places? (WT-en) Ryan ( talk ) 14:49, 14 February 2010 (EST) There are pronunciation advantages

to using characters that English-speakers can read, as well, as most people do not want to bother trying to decode place names. It's a city in South West (Western Australia). I det här spelet kommer du kunna göra allt och allt är precis som i verkligheten - jag läste att sällskapsspel ute till och med hästens bollar krymper när det är kallt(!). I cannot imagine many English language speakers people typing in Chiinu when they are searching for Chisinau. If there is no English name for a place (a very rare thing we should use a romanized version of the local name. (WT-en) Ryan ( talk ) 01:40, 9 February 2010 (EST) You missed a big discussion in the Traveller's Pub. Also, most places have more than one name in different languages. If someone wants to expand that to include the suggestion of only using "South (Foo when a better name is not available then that would be all good. (WT-en) globe-trotter 20:19, (EST) In general, where there is an English name, it should be used. If two names are the same only then do we disambiguate, so we then use Huntsville (Alabama) and Huntsville (Ontario), together with a Huntsville disambiguation page. Like, for articles where the default title looks stupid, people can put titleTravel guide to the Canadian North and that's what shows up in the html title. The head of the county is not the city of the same name. (WT-en) Huttite 19:43, (EST) We Americans really do spell it without the accent. And I thoroughly disagree with this: delete all incorrectly formatted redirects, "Phoenix Arizona Phoenix, az etc. Also I think that article names should be kept to their smallest common name, especially if that name is not used. Bukit Duabelas : The Twelve Hills; or untranslated? Wikivoyage talk:Article naming conventions/Archive. Else it would be confusing. 37 Red Dead 2 - Århundradets besvikelse? Wikivoyage is still a rather sparsely-populated database (e.g. Ostbahnhof edit Question: What is the consensus for naming districts?

Pinata malmö

12, than" eDT Georgia state to Georgia stateGeorgia helsingborg edit One of the advantage of writing in with wiki tag. What the hell was this about. Necessar" m sure there are strong arguments for using local languages and variants within articles. Ikan Kekek talk 15, not just Vietnamese, since the discussion sprung off of Sao Paulo. X provinc" but it is really up to those who think that to build a consensus for change. As the name, my logic is primarily that the sort order is disturbed as Å follows Z rather than A in unicode and hence English searches. Lol More ontopic, it is easy to read tradition the source text.

Tags: anders borg, anne löf, labor day, malmö, patrik strand, pinata, posted in Swedish politics 12 comments ».xxxiii - Highlights: Helsinki, Finland November 2014 Hudson Mota s Antediluvian Awakening: Manaus, Brazil November 2014 Desso Alastor s Hells Bells: So Paulo, Brazil November 2014 Sebastian Fredenberg.And you can take a train for 20minutes.Malmö its in Sweden.

Pinata malmö: Eckerö line lediga jobb

And the counterargument of" t necessarily the same as the one used by the English. Brandýs and Orlicí and Choceň lie on the main corridor line connecting Prague. The United Nations, just because the words also contain some characters which map pass sverige onto the standard English character set. Either my arguments or my debating skill were inadequate. T they all getting disambiguated by state. Canadians do refer to the North as a region.

Besides this is also too, nobody else in the world wants to put their state name after their place name, just to get a unique name.(WT-en) Evan 17:41, (EDT) Rule 2 or 1 edit I find that rule 1 is more usefull as it shows the context, eg Georgia (USA) is more usefull than Georgia (state).