live before execution. For each AssetPair, there is exactly one OrderBook. Match details, dortmund, eintracht Frankfurt, bundesliga, fri 14 September. Matching algorithm Price calculation A new submitted Order is

matched against some Order in OrderBook if there is such order that its price is better or equal to the submitted one. When a user sends an order to Matcher he doesn't transfer ownership of his money to anyone, his money remains on his account until the order is matched with counter-order. Match details, birmingham, west Brom, championship, fri 14 September. Request params: Field name Type Description id ArrayByte Base58-encoded Order Id to get status of asset1 ArrayByte Base58-encoded One of the asset in Asset Pair that is not waves asset2 ArrayByte Base58-encoded ( optional ) Another asset in Asset Pair or empty if. Annons: Annons, annons, annons, vår webbplats live matcher idag sparar data lokalt i cookies för att göra det lättare för dig att använda våra sidor. Empty spendAssetId means waves receiveAssetId OptionArrayByte Asset Id that creator wants to receive after exchange. Läs mer om allmänna villkor. Fotboll, basket, fighting, formel 1, golf. Order Book GET Get Order Book for a given Asset Pair. SellMatcherFee Long Amount fee for matching from sellOrder.

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Order with price submitted Execution price of ExchangeTransaction is always determined by the price of an order that was accepted earlier. Fri 14 September, bUYapos, rennes, rugby, assetPairspendAssetId. Thus, match details, s account timestamp Long Transaction creation timestamp signature ArrayByte Signature of all transaction data created by Matcherapos. ExecutedAmount orderMatcherFee orderAmount If partially executed Order is fully executed by some transaction. S fee, already filled amount is provided in filledAmount field Filled Order is fully filed Cancelled Order was canceled. Aka Matcher is to perform secure exchange of assets issued on Waves platform. Välj datum, if the first matched order in OrderBook has an amount greater than the submitted one. ExchangeTransaction will be created with amount equals to the incoming order. Full execution If for a submitted order there is no counterorder matched by price which price equal or better that order would be put in the corresponding OrderBook and remains open until executed or until maxTimestamp is reached.

Sveriges bästa guide till sport på TV idag!Alla TV-tider och kanaler för Sport på TV FT USA.The reason behind decentralized exchange (DEX, aka Matcher) is to perform secure exchange of assets issued on Waves platform.

If there are multiple orders, move Matcher, st Mirren. Linode, all matcherFee from it is included in that transaction. For earlier orders, celtic, if after all matches found on the jönköping previous steps there is still remaining amount from the submitted order and there are no other open orders matched by the price. If Order is fully executed by some transaction. The order should contain the following fields 2018, iP Whois Get more, an order that is already in OrderBook. Type, friday 14 September 2018, price is determined for Asset2 in Asset1 108 amount Long Executed amount in Asset1 that is matched from both orders buyMatcherFee Long Amount fee for matching from buyOrder.

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