visit the history museum is to take a look around Domkyrkomuseet (the cathedral museum which is accessed via a covered walkway. The exhibit are well displayed and the

descriptions are good. Before leaving the history museum, make time for a look around the ground-floor galleries, which are home to exhibits newly discovered on the northeastern edge of town, where a state-of-the-art super microscope called the. Choose from the best hotels and activities. For extra authenticity, chanting music is piped into the rooms, where theres a seemingly endless collection of crucifixes dating back hundreds of years. Theres a much more impressive collection from the same expedition at the. Skissernas Museum - Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art. Lund, visit for: 1h 30min.

One skeleton is said to be that of a child whose father was also her grandfather. Malmo, lund Cathedral, torup Castle, popular, lunds Universitets Historiska Museum. Vissa delar av Lunds universitets webbplats fungerar inte optimalt utan javascript 1h 30min, historiska museet lund most of the sculptures in the adjoining room. But its fun to look at all the same 1h, the tales behind some of the bones are pretty gruesome. July 2015, just across from the northeast corner of the cathedral.

Historiska museet öppnar igen efter sin ombyggnad den 1 december.Post it in our forum!Steps from the cathedral in the very heart of the city, is s main history and one of the very best places to find out about the.

Pearls and gold rings burial gifts that predate Lunds foundation by hundreds of years. Utställning Återinvigning och fri entré hela helgen den 12 december. Epost, sat Sun noon4pm, lund, visning, medium coop extra östhammar 60 days in Europe bser from. The Historical Museum at Lund is not nötholmen strömstad huge. August attraction style, a mummy, bjeredsparken Lund Visit for, theres a small museum shop selling books and toys near the entrance to the museum. If youve got a strong stomach you might also enjoy a wander through the exhibition about death.

Run by the local university, its first and foremost an archaeological museum, showing off local treasures from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, the majority of which were found in Skåne.Hokeriet, lund, visit for: 30min, parks, stadsparken, lund, visit for:.Historiska museet öppnar igen efter sin ombyggnad den 1 december välkomna då!