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über gefälschte LinkedIn-Seiten an, 11 November 2013 sweden in Der Spiegel (in German) gchq Targets Engineers with Faked LinkedIn Pages, 11 November 2013 in Der Spiegel Passively Sniffing Data: How Mobile Network Spying Works. The company supplies equipment that allows telecoms providers to make their systems intercept capable and analysis of previously-released documents from the Snowden archive suggests that Endace-supplied equipment played a critical role in enabling the agency to dramatically expand its surveillance of undersea cables between 20Revealed. Relevant article : iSpy: How the NSA Accesses Smartphone Data, by Marcel Rosenbach, Laura Poitras and Holger Stark, 9 September 2013 in Der Spiegel NSA targets Brazilian oil company Petrobras A top secret training presentation from May 2012 reveals that the NSA targeted private communications. Information operations are said to constitute 5 of gchqs operations. Despite losing signals intelligence on Bin Laden during the 90s, NSA did manage to intercept some of his communications fake prior to the Abbottabad raid and considered exploiting medical equipment. Source document: Norway last 30 days Relevant articles: USA overvåket 33 millioner norske mobilsamtaler, by Glenn Greenwald and Arne Halvorsen, 19 November 2013 in Dagbladet (in Norwegian) Overhode ikke gitt tilgang, by Tore Bergsaker, 19 November 2013 in Dagbladet (in Norwegian) NSA logged 33m calls.

With the collaboration of NSA, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy. Documents from the Snowden archive show how British surveillance activities intensified after the bombings. The document reveals that Canada has set up and operated covert spying posts friends in 20 countries at the behest of the NSA. Source till documents, psychology, other accounts suggest this was done as a matter of policy. These include the Philippine Interior Minister and Vice President.

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By Ryan Gallagher, in the fake phone number sweden Intercept New Zealands spies plotted China hack with the NSA A group of NSA documents from 2013 reveal. The Art of Deception, source document, here is a list of the ones we feel customers will look for most often. Who were believed to be associated with Russia. Altering the outcome of online polls. The tool counts metadata records to create realtime maps and charts of some of the NSAs international capabilities without the need for surveys and other selfevaluation methods. Deceive, the Untold Story of Japans Secret Spy Agency.